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About Russian scams

Unlike Nigerian dating scam, there is a lot of information about Russian scam on the Internet. Most people know what it's all about: the scammers establish some lovely correspondence with you, fall in love with you after just a couple of letters and then start asking for money, for different purposes: for visa and ticket to come meet you, for English classes, for cell phone, for Internet connection, for sick Mom, whatever. Once you send her money, she is gone. Or, she will ask you for more money and then will be gone.

Many Russian marriage agencies are scam, too. We are not going to cover agencies here, we don't work with Russian marriage agencies and have no idea who is scam and who is not. Lets talk about individual scammers, those who place their profiles on the different online dating services, free and paid. What we don't like about the existing Russian scam lists is that they provide the impression that there are thousands of Russian scammers out there, and behind each scam profile stays different girl (or guy, whatever). This is not true!



About Russian scams

We are absolutely convinced: Russian girls are NOT scammers! Most of the Russian scam (about 90% of it, if not more) originates form the same 2 sources: REPUBLIC OF MARI EL in Russia and LUGANSK in Ukraine. The other 10% originates from pro-daters, mostly from South of Ukraine, like Odessa, Nikolaev, etc.. Of course there are some freelance scammers out there (monkey see monkey do), but their number is very insignificant compared to the number of scam profiles generated daily by Mari El and Lugansk. Yes, there is a criminal organization in Mari El behind the Russian scam and in Lugansk behind Ukrainian scams.

The profiles show different locations and cities in Russia, Ukraine and other ex-Soviet Union countries. But every time a bad profile is placed on our site, or we ask the victims to forward us the full e-mail headers of the scammer's e-mail, they ALWAYS show the same IPs and the same Internet Service providers. Sometimes the scammers change ISP (or simply hire new folks to do the job). Then all scam, like with a magic wand, starts originating from that new ISP. If we ban that IP range from our site, all registrations start coming through anonymous proxies.

The Mari El criminal organization is leaded by men, they hire people from Yoshkar Ola to do the dirty job for them: place profiles and conduct the correspondence. Most likely, they work on commissions, like telemarketers. The activity of this criminal organization is enormous, they place hundreds of profiles out there every day. The photos of girls on the phony Russian profiles come from different sources. The majority is stolen from the Russian social networks, like (the Russian analog of Facebook). Sometimes they use the photos of Russian models and celebrities. The girls on the pictures are NOT scammers and have no idea how their pics are being used. Sometimes scammers might pay some local girl a minimal fee to sit and pose for pictures and to pick up money at the Western Union. But such cases are very rare. The gang may also have accomplices in certain Western Union locations.

Their profiles may say whatever: that they are from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Kiev, Odessa, sometimes even USA. But as you know, the money wired via Western Union can be picked up at any city and at any Western Union location, so it doesn't mean anything. The vast majority of scammers are in Mari El and Lugansk.

There is also a lot of scam going on in Lugansk. Just like Mari El is the scam center of Russia, Lugansk is the scam center of Ukraine. All scammy Ukrainian profiles come from there. No matter what the profile says: Donetsk, Kharkov, Kiev, whatever, this is all Lugansk gang. Look at e-mail headers and you will see Lugansk there. They have their own "specialization" though: translations scams. If Mari El mostly scam for visa and ticket, Lugansk scams for translation services. But Lugansk scammers are easier to detect by their photos. Mari El uses photos of real girls, while Lugansk uses obvious photos of models, they smell scam a mile away.

There are also pro-daters, but they are not the same as scammers. Those are real girls, who invite you to visit them and start "milking": shopping, restaurants, gifts, etc... Also known as gold-diggers. But this is happening in any country and in any culture, Philippines for example. We don't believe pro-dating is only Russia-related.