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Profile descriptions used by scammers

Below are some profile descriptions used by scammers. We copied these descriptions from the profiles of scammers that we booted off our dating service. Some of the descriptions, if entered in Google, may return dozens, or even hundreds of results!! This shows that scammers use and re-use these "creations", but with different usernames and photos. If anybdoy with such profile contacts you on a dating service, it is most likely scam.

Exhibit 1:

Myself I can describe as the pleasant sociable girl. I very much love and I appreciate in this life a fidelity and mutual understanding. For me the very large meaning there is a mutual love. On character I very quiet and not jealous. I think relationship between man and women is most important,a man should always treat a women nice and with love and respect,who stands by her in bad and good times and takes care of all her necessities.



Profile descriptions used by scammers

Exhibit 2:

The main thing about me - it is probable, that I am the purposeful person and always I reach my purpose and that I am always ready top, work hard for this purpose. At the same time I - very much the gentle person and pensive.... I like to surround me with beautiful things to make a cosiness, always bringing to the smith special in an atmosphere and everything, I make. I always have many friends in my house as I am capable to listen to the person and to support him and in his hard times and the happiest moments. I do not love a sad and monotonous life and I want, that my life was fascinating and had the big moments of pleasure. I like surprise and I can be independent the direct person though I am never irresponsible. I really believe in love and I want to lift my children in an atmosphere of love and respect attitudes on samples of attitudes of their parents.

Exhibit 3:

You can believe me, when I tell you, you've never met a woman quite like me. I am very romantic, kind, calm, devoted woman, who does like home coziness. I enjoy good company, music. I adore literature, ballet, like to dance, to go to the theater and cinema. Like any woman I am fond of talking but at the same time I am a good listener. Marriage for me is a mutual work of two people. I suppose the man should be the head of the family. And the woman duty is to respect his opinion even if it differs. It would be a boring world if we all had the same ideas! I like a smart, honest man, who has a good sense of humor. I would like to meet a man who likes this life, enjoys it, who loves children and does want to have friendly family.

Exhibit 4:

The main thing about me is probably that I am a purposeful person and always reach my goal and that I am always ready top work hard for it. At the same time I am a very soft person and dreamy.... I like to surround myself with beautiful things, to make coziness always bringing smith special in the atmosphere and in all I do. I always have many friends in my house as I am able to listen to a person and to support him both in his hard times and the happiest moments. I dislike dull and monotonous life and want my life to be exciting and to have great moments of joy. I am fond of surprises and can be a spontaneous person myself though I am never irresponsible. I truly believe in love and want to raise my children in the atmosphere of love and respect on the patterns of their parents.

Exhibit 5:

Hello! My name is Irina. I live in Russia, in small but beautiful city under name Cheboksary. Basic my passion is a romanticism of the nature: a wood, the rivers, a dust of roads, boundless horizon, a rain, a wind, star Nights. I look at the world wide eyes and I see what it is. I ridiculous and serious, simple both complex... Impudent and gentle, ardent and reasonable... Constant and different... With me it is easy to find common language and understanding, the same I want to achieve from the interlocutor. Simply I want to love... Simply to be loved... Simply to give and receive tenderness and caress.... In fact it so is simple, if like:)

Exhibit 6:

I think that I the attractive girl. I have no harmful habits because I would not want that I had problems with my health. I search for myself for persons with which I can build the future and be lucky enough. I hope that I can find for myself persons of my dream.

Exhibit 7:

I'm a simple Russian girl which want to find a good man which will love me and respect me. I want to love and I want to find reciprocity in relations. The love is a finest feeling which the God has presented us. Therefore I search for it. I want to love!!! I think, that each person in the world searches for the love. We have deserved it. Are you agree with me? With this purpose I have come on this site. I hope, that my dream will come true. And the love will come in my heart. I want, that this love was mutual!!! I have told nothing about myself... Such I'm a harmful... Write me. I shall tell you all about myself in my letters. I shall wait, that you write me. I'll

Exhibit 8:

I the cheerful, friendly woman. I work as the teacher of initial classes. I wish to find to myself worthy, serious the man which too is lonely and too the desire to get has family. I do not love a deceit, treachery, incorrectness. Ideal attitudes, of it when each other we take the hint, when we completely trust each other. We very strongly love each other.

Exhibit 9:

I the simple Russian girl which search the partner in life. I the cheerful, sociable, interesting girl. My life with Russian men has not developed, I hope to find the love in the Internet. I hope that at me something will turn out...

Exhibit 10:

I charming, nice, with a pleasant athletic constitution the girl. At me magnificent black hair which are released up to my shoulders and very beautifully develop on a wind. Beautiful big green eyes which bewitch a sight of anyone of the man. The sexual body may turn a head of everyone of the man, you see I regularly visit an athletic hall and from it at me tremendous forms of a body. I do not smoke and I do not drink and would like to see near to myself the same sports young man. I sociable, but the modest girl who searches the partner in life, for Renewal new seven where will reign the world and am kind. I do not like to show the appearance on display and, on advice of the girlfriend, once I have come in the Internet of Cafe where has visited the great Internet for all. I want to find people which would be me dear, have estimated me as the woman, gave care and tenderness. I am ready to give such person for love and fidelity. For the sake of loving person I am ready on All.I would like, that he was not much higher than me. The age is unimportant. That he has wanted to connect our souls ocaie a marriage.

Exhibit 11:

I simply love life, holidays and loud laughter. I do not like to miss. Like to meet my friends. I love smiles. I like, when to me give flowers. My friends speak, that I kind and sociable.

Exhibit 12:

I am lonely woman from Russia and my name is Nastya and I am 25 years old. I am looking for man who will become my half and who will be happy with me to the end of our days. I want to find man with whom I will make ideal family where love will be the main thing.I want to begin e-mail correspondence with you because I think you can be the right man for me and my first impressions about your profile are very good and first impressions may grow into something more. And I hope you will respond me and we will know if we ideal for each other. So if you are interested in my suggestion please write me on my e-mail box which is: I will be very glad and grateful to you to receive your respond.I hope you will want to get acquainted with me. With respect and hopes about your fast answer!

Exhibit 13:

I was a little about myself live in city of Cheboksary and I work here my growth 170cm, and weight 55kg. I the vigorous and cheerful young girl. To me would like get acquainted with Good the man which could to present me happiness in this life.

Exhibit 14:

I am fanny young woman. I like sport, cooking, nature and pets. I like to lead healthy life. I am sociable and have a lot of friends. I am looking for a man. In man I appreciate sincerity, mutual understanding, hornesty. I adhare this Principles too

Exhibit 15:

My best greetings to you, a lonely, tender and loving heart! If you are reading these lines, you probably feel the same way… And I have a lot to tell you, but let’s start from the most important… Who am I? An attractive and elegant, emotional and sensitive, sensual and sexy, charming and passionate, well-educated and intelligent, loving and loyal lady with kind heart and tender soul. I love to feel myself a complete feminine woman, to live in style, to enjoy every moment of this wonderful life and to share it with a right person. I appreciate highly kindness, generosity, honesty, loyalty , intelligence in men as well as mutual respect and understanding in relationship. I am open for new impressions, experiences, and new possibilities.

Exhibit 16:

Hi my new friend! Today i registered my profile here! How do you think dear fririend, why did i register my profile?? Answer to this question is simple: I want to find my half of life. Now i want to write you some about myself. I am pretty girl from Russia. My name is Valentina, but all my girlfriends call me Valya. You can write to me Valentina or Valya. It is not have mean for me. Really today i saw many profiles at this agency and my attention stoped in your rpofile. Reall i like your profile very much. Your profile is very nice and beautifull, my dear friend. I do not know why why my attention stopped in your profile. May be you are my half of life, may be it is not so. We do not know about it. But i think, that we can build our relations for first from internet. And we should know more about each other. And now i want to know more about you, my dear friend. My friend, i so want that you will be my half of life. I hope, that very soon we will know more about each other. Ok, my dear, if you want you can write to me to my e-mail: I so hope, that you will write to me. I will be very happy if after some time i will find at my e-mail your letter. I will wait your letter with impatience, my friend. Your new friend from Russia, Valentina!

Exhibit 17:

My name Sveta. As you may see in my profile, I am 25 years. I am from Russia. I live in small city which called Bolshaja Shishovka. If be more exact, it not city, it village. Now I am working, I do not study. My friends speak that I am cheerful. During free time I like to go to cinema. Or to spend time with friends, in the good company.

Exhibit 18:

I the cheerful young woman. It is open, fair, I like to try all new, it is intellectual. I love animals and I try to carry spend a free time on open air. I want to find real the man. That he was kind, sympathetic, tender, charming. That he was kind, sympathetic, tender, charming, friendly that never lied.

Exhibit 19:

My name is Natalia. I live in small city, which name Cheboksary . I love walks at the moon. I very much like swimming. I well prepare for food and very much I like it to do. I very much love children. It is very interesting to observe as they grow also each day make new opening. I think, that my life is boring also I very much would want to find the man which would love me, respected, and with which I might to test even a few adventures. In Russia I have not found such person. To me and life I flies by 27 years past, and I do not have neither the loved person, nor children. And I very much would want it. Therefore I ask. Respond my love!!!!!!! I wait for you!!!!!

Exhibit 20:

I very cheerful person also try to take from life all. Certainly it brings also pleasures and failures, but I am not afraid of troubles. I do not have harmful habits.I am a person very sociable, and not against to spend a little time behind conversation with pleasant person to me . And in general on life I romantic and very much love the night sky! I am simple can not sleep yet I shall not look in a window and I shall not see there the moon and stars:)

Exhibit 21:

The lonely nice girl, with the kind soul, attractive and graceful, I offer love and heart. I appreciate kindness, magnanimity, honesty and fidelity in the person. I want to cast in the lot with the person respecting me as the woman, have given care and tenderness.

Exhibit 22:

I am very romantic, emotional, with good sense of humor, passionate and energetic. I like to be calm and warm at home and to be in the center of company when at the party! I am successful, well-educated and happy lady. The only thing that I miss in my life is sharing all that I have with my dream man. I think that best relations between a man and a woman are based on romantic feelings, harmony, trust, responsibility of both partners, and wish to be a support for each other in any moment of life. I am looking for an emotionally healthy man with the same desire to find his one true love. Someone who loves with all they have, and wants the best out of life. I hope he educated, intelligent, and kind hearted. If you would like to make serious relations and to have the family of your own and know how to take care of your familiar people then you are what I am looking for. I want to find someone for lifetime of happiness. I don't want to find someone I can live with, I want to find that special someone I CAN'T live without....

Exhibit 23:

Hello !!! My name is Veronika !!! I'm 27 years. You are seems very pretty man. And I want corresponding with you. If you like me, write me to!!! Or leave please the address on a site!!!!!!

Exhibit 24:

I the young and sociable girl from Russia search the partner in life to share with him pleasures of home life... I want to create the family where there will be a world and rest, love and mutual understanding. I want to find persons which me respected, appreciated me as the woman, gave care and caress, I am ready to present such person the love and a fidelity. For the sake of the loved person I am ready on all...

Exhibit 25:

I am 27 years old. I the blonde with blue eyes. I work as the seller in shop. I live in the small city of Ioshkar Ola. Now I am lonely and I want to find the friend. I can describe myself as the quiet and peaceful person. I like to spend time with friends on the nature or in club. But all annoy my friends there is no that man with whom I could divide that love and heat which has now collected in my heart. I as am fond sports and I like run. I watch the body and I try to support to an owl a body in an ideal condition. If you want learn about me more you can to leave to me the message and we can learn each other better. I search for the person for long relations or is simple for friendship. I want to find new acquaintances. And it is possible to meet sometime. I do not have ideal men, but for me the main thing that you were fair with me. I do not bear lie. I shall be glad to any letter.

Exhibit 26:

Hi my name is Masha. I from Russia. To me of 25 years, very sexual. Has become bored of love and caress. As it would be desirable to meet that lovely, desired person with whom to lead the rest of life in the warm house and Under a warm wing of loved. If you like my offer ask to write to me on E-meil Yours Masha .

Exhibit 27:

The lovely, beautiful, gentle girl looking for the man of the dream. It should be single, loving, gentle at caring, orderly, not drinking, not smoking, for attitudes. I like to prepare, I love children, animals and me I would would be desirable find that the man with whom with might to construct attitudes.

Exhibit 28:

I want to answer your question. I am looking for a serious relationship, somebody who can understand me and whom I can understand. I think relationship between man and women is most important,a man should always treat a women nice and with love and respect,who stands by her in bad and good times and takes care of all her necessities. He should give her all the love he can so that she feels like the luckiest person on this earth. Similarly a women should do the same for man, to support him all the time , to be with him when he needs her. I think love is the key,a very important factor in a relationship and only way you can make somebody love you if you are honest,sincere,faithful to that person. I think once you are in a serious relationship it should be for lifetime not for few months or years.

Exhibit 29:

The good little girl. I am tired from loneliness. I want to find men for creation of family. I love simple things. Family, the husband, children. These are my main values. I very much like bicycle sports, navigation and in general summer sports is pleasant. I am ready to arrive to mine men to any country. I want to have two children.

Exhibit 30:

My name is Elena, I live in Russia Federation(Kazan). Growing: 175 refer to, weight: 58 kg., age: 27 years. I very interesting your questionnaire, wants will be introduce with you closer. I nice, making look younger, good, without bad habits a girl. prefer Reading, lead away a music, as far as possible sport.

Exhibit 31:

I the Russian girl. My character traits are: kindness, care, respect, tenderness, attention, understanding. Naturally I think that in the future I will have family. It is very important for me and I want that it there were happy and strong relations. I hope, that I shall be the good wife for the man of my heart.

Exhibit 32:

Greetings my name is Dinara and me 28. If you as well as I to search good relations and you were bothered with loneliness that write to me. About myself all I shall tell in the letter. I wait for the letter on E-mail

Exhibit 33:

I am 27 years old. I am single.. Temporarily I work.. Several years ago has finished university.. In searches of loved... I to search for the favourite person which cared of me and happily to spend time. For me the main thing that at the man was kind heart.. The main thing that inside..

Exhibit 34:

I the romantic girl. I love honesty and respectableness. I like when in an apartment it is cleaned and it is clean. It is pleasant to prepare for different dishes. I like that the order as I shall lick off behind the figure was in all. I try to be sincere always. Like to open for itself something new. I like to more about unknown to me things.

Exhibit 35:

I the decent and sociable girl. Like to prepare, listen to music to take a walk on park. I to a kind a good way of life, do not take a great interest in alcohol and smoking. I like well and to spend with interest free time from work. I appreciate in the person only positive qualities. Want to find good person for creation of good family.

Exhibit 36:

I am a kind, tender and sympathetic girl, frank, open, faithful and honest. I have no bad habits. I?m attentive and affectionate. And responsible, too. I love children and pets. I believe, too, that the most vital thing in woman?s life is family, beloved husband, children and love and care of every member of the family for one another. And I appreciate the mutual sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness that a man and a woman, who have tied their lives with family bonds, feel. When I have a free time I go to exhibitions, theatres, cinemas and concerts. I am fond of traveling and hiking.

Exhibit 37:

I love to travel, I love my job, learning about other cultures and countries is important to me. Having an open mind to other peoples cultures, religions and differences broadens our knowledge and acceptance of them. I am independent, honest and sincere, with a positive, enthusiastic, naturally vibrant personality. I love dancing, having fun, meeting friends for dinner at cafes, laughing and enjoying life. Meeting new people to share experiences with helps to create a more balanced perspective of life. Everyone has something to offer, we just need to listen. I am blonde hair, love the outdoors, lives in the bush, love swimming, beach, travelling, eating out, movies etc I am intelligent, have a great sense of humour, love animals, love reading, love my friends, my friends are very important to me.

Exhibit 38:

I am harmonous, attractive blonde leading a healthy way of life. I wish to get acquainted with interesting, charming, kind man for creation of family. I am a little bit mysterious girl with sense of humour. I like to visit theatres, exhibitions, go to cinema and prepare tasty food. I hope to find reliable man with serious intentions.

Exhibit 39:

Hi. My name is Olga.I would like to correspond with you. It is possible? I very sensitive and kind girl. I to not brag of the beauty. I think, that you will estimate independently my appearance. I earlier never used the Internet, but now I work in sphere of service of people and I have the Internet. To me of 27 years. I live with mine daddy and mum.I very much love them. I always speak them thank that they have brought up me.I very much respect grown-ups. I think, that each person should respect grown-ups .I search to myself for the new friend and I hope, that you will like to write to me letters. I shall never ignore your letters and I shall write always to you. I hope,that we may be good friends. At me it is a lot of girlfriends, but to me would like to have also friends from abroad. You will write to me? Please write to me on Or tell me your e-mail.

Exhibit 40:

Hello my name is Olesya !!! I'm 28 years old and I live in Russia. I am was married. I'm single and I'm looking for true love, I'm very romantic and nice lady, love to have fun, because life is fun and fun is life.

Exhibit 41:

I the nice young girl without harmful habits I love sports of animal children and to travel I search The satellite of the life that it was possible to cast in the lot with it To trust it and to be true to it.

Exhibit 42:

People tell about me that I am young lady, pretty, tenderness, caring, honest, educated. I like to keep fit, go to pool, sportclub, i like sun, summer, mountains, walk on the beach, i like to become bronze from the sun, read books, go to the theter, leasten music and many othes interesting things. I'm sure that my future husband will be very happy near me, because i will love, care about him. We are will be always tougether, have only romantic dinner with candles in the good restaurants or near fire at home, see to eyes each other and love it more , i dream about travelling and see many different parts of the word with him; skiing in mountains in winter, or swimming together in warm water on the tropical island in summer, we will be have home whis small garden when grow only beautiful flowers.And it is not end ......actions. Who want to create family.

Exhibit 43:

Greetings, I loved your structure !!!!!!!!!! I would like to get acquainted with you. I shall write to you about me: to me of 29 years. I from Russia, from city Yoshkar-Ola. my growth approximately 170 centimeters. My weight of 50 kg. I live one in an apartment with one room. I work as the teacher above school. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. With the best regards - Marina...

Exhibit 44:

I like to travel, I love love music, reading, films very much. I often meet my friends. Sometimes we go to cinema or to theatre. But sometimes I prefer to remain only at home, to read through the interesting book or only to watch TV.

Exhibit 45:

I the girl to whom was not lucky with men in the city, and after it decided to search for the half in the Internet. I tender, gentle, very cheerful and cheerful girl. I love children, but at me they while are not present. You may tell about my appearance on a photo. About the character I good it can not tell that, or bad, I think you decide when find out me. I Want to find the man with whom I shall be happy. He should be clever, varnish, gentle and with sense of humour. I want to find the half, the good person with serious intentions to find the half. With which I might speak persons about everything with which I might share both grief and pleasure.

Exhibit 46:

Open, cheerful, kind, lovely, careful, gentle, loyal. Also I like that the man spoke me the truth. That it was true to me. I the true woman who wants to find the happiness and to be always true to the husband.

Exhibit 47:

Beautiful, clever, interesting in dialogue, it is sociable, romantic, I am able almost all in all spheres of human activity, it is intolerant, it is sometimes obstinate, but I was easy for overpersuading, very passionate, but sometimes I am it is cold; true and fair,

Exhibit 48:

Like to laugh with all the heart. Kind and trustful. Very much I love animals. I receive pleasure from the work. Like to communicate with people and to help them. I would like to find the Cheerful, sociable, decent person who will love me as well as me it. Which loves children instead of against internal animals. For which I can be the ideal wife and mother of love of his children.

Exhibit 49:

Greetings my new friend. My name is Masha I from Russia and me of 29 years. I would want to tell about myself much but I shall tell if you to write to me the letter on e-mail. Mine e-mail Food to me and I shall tell to you about myself. Masha.

Exhibit 50:

I, the Russian, beautiful girl. I dream to find fair, interesting persons with whom can connect the Destiny. My hobby reading. I like the classical literature. I love sports.I hope my dream I will come true also can find the person with which we can construct our happiness.

Exhibit 51:

To me of 26 years. I want to get acquainted with the man for dialogue, friendship, and further the marriage is possible(probable). I very much dream to visit other country, want to look the world. I have girlfriends who live abroad, speak them very much it is pleasant. Who wants to find out about me write more in detail I like independent, hardworking man, having the purpose in live.Under the relation to me the man should be gentle, kind, respect my opinion, to love and be true.

Exhibit 52:

I think that I'm kind, attentiveand tactful. My friends thinks that I am smart, very careful and tender. I live in real life and i'm not live in dreams. I'm optimistic, sociable purposeful person with calm and soft character. I would describe myself as a slender, elegant and charming woman.

Exhibit 53:

My name - Elmira. I was given birth in city Kazen in the centre of Russia. Day of mine December, 25, 1981 birthes. I have finished the Kazan Technical University on a speciality management. I temporarily work in a kindergarten, At us small family: I and my mum. She(it) works at school. When I was the child, I was brought up through in a kindergarten, therefore I have decided to try myself in this role. I like to support me in the good physical form. In it I - help My balanced diet, controlled fresh air, and every time, when possible employment Suitability. And nevertheless I like to be engaged in aerobics.

Exhibit 54:

Likely I shall not write my name in second time because you see it in my structure:)! I love jokes:)! But in relations I prefer gravity. Though without laughter and jokes life boring. I think that in the small questionnaire you can not find out about me but as it is necessary for agency I very little much shall describe yourself. First I the girl:)! I the usual normal cheerful girl which want that her life and life of other people will be fine and picturesque (only not calories which in meal though I love to eat tasty :)). I think that the woman should be harmonious attractive and healthy. I think of my future children:)! I very seriously treat this. Likely in my questionnaire to not be placed it is a lot of words and it is possible if you will become interested in me that we can find out each other more during our dialogue. But if I not that you search that I wish you huge good luck in searches of your half:)! I hope in me is though something interesting to you?:)? All to you good and up to a probable meeting ...

Exhibit 55:

Hello!!! My name is ELENA! I am 25 years old. I live in the city of Cheboksary. From many people I liked yours on a site of acquaintances and I think, that you are very interesting person. I have decided to use chance to get acquainted with you, to begin correspondence and to learn you. I the usual girl, as well as was a lot of others which at my age dream to get acquainted with the man and to create family. It seems to me, that you the man which is ready to get acquainted and create family. I think, that I have made a correct choice having written to you. I with impatience shall wait for your letters on mine email Yours faithfully ELENA!!!

Exhibit 56:

I very much love a nature and animals. I love theatre. I very much love children, but they at me are not present. I want them to give birth from loved. I am able am tasty to be going and it is pleasant to all. I act against terror. I long time search for present good friend. I want, that my friend would grow fond of me and that I would grow fond of him. I search for serious relations. I want to trust my loved person, I do not want to have secrets and secrets. I want, that he would protect me from all troubles.

Exhibit 57:

I - the leaving (leaving) person with common sense of humour, hospitable, correct and diplomatic. I highly estimate and I respect my friends. I estimate honesty and an openness as they are essential to creation of the healthy professional, personnel and attitudes(relations) of family. Personally, I like to help people and to find it - satisfaction.

Exhibit 58:

I'm the sun that rises each day.... I'm the moon that lights my way. I'm have the grace and beauty like a morning Dove... I'm a bird that sings great songs of love. I'm an ANGEL walking through this world of pain..... with strength and confidence, and loves the rain:) You are my friend most perfect and true........ Who has made my life "wonderful" and has made my life "new"!

Exhibit 59:

It is a little about itself. I think that main my feature is purposefulness, therefore if I put before myself the purpose that I necessarily I try to achieve it. Also I very fair and gentle person (so people who speak me knows), most of all appreciate in the person not external beauty and beauty emotional. I as well as any other girl like when to me speak beautiful words and give beautiful gifts. I think that the main thing not the price of a gift and that that it is made from heart.

Exhibit 60:

I am very cheerful girl, which is simple adores to dance and chatter on souls. I very much like tennis and ski. I adore to travel and I dream once to travel all world. Only it would be desirable to inform my small, but by the very unpredictable world. I like my friends, through which I really have seen the world by such, that it is - complete secrets and adventures. I very love my parents, which have helped me to become with that I am in this minute. Yes, it is possible to say, I am happy. At the moment I am carried away by photos and drawing. In free time I attend disco with the friends and I read Russian literature. I search self-assured, reliable, correct, careful, gentle, romantic with good sense of humour. The man capable to create strong happy family, which always will help difficult minute and will be my support.

Exhibit 61:

I the girl who searches for the love and the happiness. After long searches I hope, that can find the love. My distinctive features is kindness, tenderness and the most important that seems honesty to me is. I very much hope, that I can find the one for whom I so long searched.

Exhibit 62:

My new friend! I liked your structure, and I want to start with you correspondence Name Marina I live in Russia To me of 29 years I do not drink I do not smoke I not when was not married I shall be very glad if I have interested you, please My address E-Mail: Please write to me and I shall be glad to answer you and to send a photo of Your new friend from Russia Marina

Exhibit 63:

I live in Russia, in beautiful city Kazan. It is the large city, very beautiful city. I have finished university, ability of the international attitudes, we there studied many Languages, but I best, I know the English language. The years of study were very interesting. Now I work as The seller in shop of clothes. It - not the work on my speciality suffices, and it is more so without experience From work me, nobody takes. So to have necessity to sell female clothes. I love to read the books of the Russian authors. I Love to dance, to look cinema, to prepare food. My favourite favourite meat of a dish on French not less I love to Listen to music. As I do not smoke. Sometimes I drink wine on the important holiday such as New Year or Birthday, and it only one glass . I do not object against smoking, directly has decided, that I shall not smoke. I live with the girlfriend. We rent an apartment for two. My mum lives one my daddy has died when I was still small child. I very much love the mum. I still have the senior sister, but she lives in the other city. We do is not present Communicate almost

Exhibit 64:

I the simple Russian girl, and I would like to find to myself the husband abroad. I am not interested in the person from Russia because I suffered from them much. And I any more do not want it. If you fair, courageous and clever write to me the letter I shall necessarily read it and I shall answer you. I shall wait for the letter from you.

Exhibit 65:

My individuality. This question is very difficult for me. You know I do not want anything about itself to exaggerate, but people about me very much Good opinion. Myself I can describe as the pleasant sociable girl. I very much love and I appreciate in this life a fidelity and mutual understanding. For me the very large meaning there is a mutual love. On character I very quiet and not jealous. I at all do not love jealousy, I consider that in life, including The complete trust and understanding should be family.

Exhibit 66:

My name is Elena. I am 28years old. I live in city Kirov. At present I study and I work. I live with the parents. I single and also have no children. I in searches of loved...

Exhibit 67:

To me of 27 years. I to grow - 167 centimeters. My weight - 55 kg. I the blonde. I work as the Stomatologist. I love this work. There is very good work Collective in my work. And I want, know more about your work. I want to know that you like to eat. For example: I like to prepare for pies with various fillings. I love ice-cream and chocolate, and what concerning yours? As it will help us to study each other better and to find our love. I am a romantic woman.

Exhibit 68:

Me call Irina. To me of 23 years. I from Russia. I live in small city Chebocsary. I like to go in for sports, navigation, also I like to travel. I very much love children. And I very much would like them. I want to find the second half. Persons understanding me respecting and loving.

Exhibit 69:

I am, the lonely serious girl. I think it is not necessary to tell about myself too much, want to know more about me, having communicated to me! Searching for the serious lonely, careful, gentle person with which i could connect my future life.

Exhibit 70:

I am looking for a serious relationship, somebody who can understand me and whom I can understand. I think relationship between man and women is most important,a man should always treat a women nice and with love and respect, who stands by her in bad and good times and takes care of all her necessities.

Exhibit 71:

I have finished college on a trade the manager and I work as the manager in the small trading company. My hobby is aerobics.I like a nature and animals. I want to find good and fair the man!

Exhibit 72:

The gentle, tender, kind person is necessary for me. Unsignificantly, what age. The main thing That it loves me, respected and understood my desires. The woman too the person. May be, if it will make me happy. It I shall do it very much and Very happy. You may win my heart if you with sense of humour. Simply write to me, and I shall answer you necessarily. I the gentle, sensual fine girl c nice appearance from Russia. They not so are easy for detection. I love life, I love gifts, I like To draw. I love a nature. I very much like to listen to music. Very to like to talk to people.

Exhibit 73:

I am simple woman who wants to find friend, because I think that friendship is a basis of all other relations. But I want to add that I am not looking for only pen pal or friendship. I am looking for serious relations and want to find man who can give me bright future. I want to ask men who don't want serious relations do not write me. Sincerely...

Exhibit 74:

Greetings, now you read a profile of the young Russian girl, which wants to get acquainted with the man which is ready to become for me prince, the defender if to tell a little about yourself that I want to begin that to me now 24 years, on the world I look from heights of 175 centimeters the big brown eyes, I very much like to prepare, read and listen to the diversified music...

Exhibit 75:

Hello , my name is Olga, i live in Russia in a town called Kazan.. I can`t find my soulmate in real life and i decided to use dating site. If you are a man who have similar dream, you can write me and who what will can happen... Good luck... Olya

Exhibit 76:

I want to tell that now I in search good, sensitive men which the big heart has. I search for the person which can see the future for creation of family and a marriage. I search for the person which is really very lonely also which feels that it requires the good woman for creation of family or strong attitudes. I search for the person which can really give love and which does not look back and looks only in before. I want with the person which really which to be clever and knows as to build the future.

Exhibit 77:

My name Liliya. I was born on November, 6, 1980. I work at the beauty salon. I'm careful, gentle, kind girl. I like to travel. At leisure time I like to read love novels. And also on days off my girl friend and me make parties. I like cooking very much. I like to go in for sports. My favourite kinds of sport are tennis and swimming.

Exhibit 78:

I shall tell a little about myself: I live in Russia, the city of Cheboksary, I am 26 years old. My growth 173sm, weight 51kg. I do not dare to speak about myself any flatter words. Let it is judged with people environmental me. But I can tell, that my friends speak about me, that I very interesting and attractive girl who is not afraid of new acquaintances. I hope my profile is pleasant to you and we can strike up an acquaintance.

Exhibit 79:

Hello!!! My name is Ekaterina! You have interested me also I has wanted to write to you. I hope that we can have very interesting acquaintance and who knows that will occur then!!!??? I wait for your letter with impatience on mine privat e-mail address With best regards Ekaterina.

Exhibit 80:

Growing in wisdom, kindness, love, compassion, joy, loyality, intellegence. Feminine, passionate, sensual, sensitive, tender, caressing woman. Independent in choice, strong in belives. Enjoy being among loving, positive, peasful people,like talking and being scielent. Love outdoors and indors. have fun swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, walking, hiking. Watch tv rarely, prefer animal channels, discovery, euro sport, funny cartoons, comedies, happy movies. Do not bother spending energy on judging others' mistakes. vegeterian for ethical reason, do not like anyone to be killed for eating preferences. Belive in Divine Energy. Belive in righteousness and good morals. Looking for a partner to share feelings of love, respect, affection, admiration, compassion, trust, growing older together untill...

Exhibit 81:

I the interesting, clever, fair and considerable girl. I want to find the friend with the same qualities.

Exhibit 82:

Hello my name is Elena. I am looking for my soul mate. I'm from Russia. I'm 26 years old. I would like to find the man with who I will be able to build real good strong and loving family, with who I will live all my life in happiness. I am living in the city of Saratov, Russia and I could not find the one for me here unfortunately. I decided to try looking over the internet. I am new in this tupe of searching and I do not even know what to write. When I have free time I like to read and to go to the theaters and to the cinema, I like to go to the concerts. I like to go for a walk in the park or just in the streets with the best girlfriend. I like sport activity and I am trying to keep in shape. If you are really serious you can write me and I will send you my photos. I will be waiting for your answer.

Exhibit 83:

Hello the new friend! Me call Alina Yusypzianova. I liked your structure in agency, and I have decided to write to you the letter that will get acquainted to you. I have decided to check destiny and to find persons of dream here. I think to you, it will be interesting to find out little bit more about me. I live in Russia in small city of Volzhsk. To me of 27 years, I was born January, 16, 1978. My growth of 173 sm, weight 52 kg. I think that can tell more my photo if you were interested with my structure or my letter to you about my appearance write me please on mine email: ayusup(at)gmail(dot)com. Write to me I shall be very glad and there came to me the photos and I too shall send you the photos. If to you interestingly ask me any questions and I shall be glad to answer you, I want to find the friend or more than the friend, I want to find the partner in life and you are similar to correct persons. ok I hope that you will answer me and I shall be to wait news from you, please write to me on mine email ok. Yours faithfully Alina

Exhibit 84:

The young attractive girl... I love dialogue.. Books... Music.. Travel... Romantic and serious.. And till now I believe in love at first sight! =)

Exhibit 85:

I cheerful woman, about my appearance will tell you more my photo. I hope you my person will interest. And at us many chances will be desired. I do not want to lose hope that my heart will be subdued by the man which can make me happy! I hope that it to happen, because I want to be happy in this life and will make happy that person which in my heart!

Exhibit 86:

I want to find the man which me will understand and will appreciate and respect.. First of all I appreciate the person not for beauty and for the relation to world around and people!! I do not search for prince on a white horse... I search for the person!! =)

Exhibit 87:

The most important thing in me this that that I love all friends and always to them I trust I always achieve the purpose as though it it was not difficult. I like when I am paid with compliments. All my friends speak, that I kind, fair, generous. I think, that I always can cheer up and amuse persons. I very sociable always seek about what to talk. I like to dream about the future I build plans to myself on the future. Now my purpose to find to itself of the partner in life because I is already tired To live one I want to have the family and children.

Exhibit 88:

In relationship between man and woman, I respect honest, openness and respect to each other. I looking for honest and sincere man, who like open releations. I want to see friend, lover and husband in my man! I looking for unconditional love, compassion, passion, understanding, acceptance love, loyalty, togetherness, (my love must be in my arms at all times), exsellent communication. I want to create a relatonship so perfect that when I am 80 I want to hear my grandchildren telling the story of my relationship with my husband like as if it's a fairy tale:)) I know, I know I am a hopeless romantic.

Exhibit 89:

I'm kind, honest, communiecatieve person. I have the serious purpose to find my another half. I want to find the good man. I don't want to find the prince on the white horse. I only look for the great, soceable, tender man who will take care of me. If it's about you write me. Be so kind. I look forward for your answer.

Exhibit 90:

I like to have a rest on the nature, to float, look at stars, to go in for sports, billiards especially is pleasantI the cheerful young girl, am opened, fair, I try all new, moderately clever. I like to shirk a dog, I love fresh air. I wish to find present the man. That it was sympathetic, friendly, charming, kind, tender, fair, decent.

Exhibit 91:

Hi my name is Eugenia. I am from Russia! About myself I creative, clever, sensitively kind woman. At me good sense of humour. I romantic and unpredictable, love embraces and touches. I do not smoke, but I love a good wine. I, love cinema to float, dance, travel, a nature to meet friends to be rolled on rollers and even to go shopping. The most important for me it to know and love the God and to enjoy life.

Exhibit 92:

I treat my search very seriously. I believe in that that for everyone there is his second half. I know that sooner or l ater I can meet men about which I dreamed all my life. My dream it I shall find the person with which is happy. Which I shall grow fond very strongly. And which will like thinking very strongly too. The person which will respect me and which will concern to me sincerely. In our relations there will be no lie. I think that it really. You may write to me

Exhibit 93:

Hi my name is Tatuana. I am from Russia! About myself I creative, clever, sensitively kind woman. At me good sense of humour. I romantic and unpredictable, love embraces and touches. I do not smoke, but I love a good wine. I, love cinema to float, dance, travel, a nature to meet friends to be rolled on rollers and even to go shopping. The most important for me it to know and love the God and to enjoy life.

Exhibit 94:

I just want to find persons with whom I might be together that we cared about each other. All begins with friendship, but it only began...

Exhibit 95:

Hello! My name Ekaterina. I live in Russia in city of Cheboksary. I would like to get acquainted with serious the man for serious relations.

Exhibit 96:

I like to prepare. As I like to go to walk on fresh air. I love the countries where many summer instead of as we have not enough. Though I also was never in such country. As I love as well as any girl everyones surprizes, and unexpected meetings. I like when me look after, I like to fool about, sometimes it seems to me that in me yet the child absolutely has died, and I play the fool as small. My dream to sweep by the big boat and sails.

Exhibit 97:

I the simple young girl, my name Julia Pirogova. I live in Russia city Nizhni Novgorod. I search for serious relations with the man. I get acquainted through the Internet the first time. If something not correctly speak me at once Write to me on

Exhibit 98:

I the usual Russian woman. I was born and I live in Russia. I like to go in for sports, walk on the nature, to read books. I want to meet the man, second half and to begin serious relations which will pass to creation of family. I want to establish serious relations with kind, fair fair and serious the man and further to create family, and to start children.

Exhibit 99:

Hello!!! My name is Ekaterina!!I am 25 years old. I live in the city of Cheboksary. From many people I liked yours on a site of acquaintances and I think, that you are very interesting person. I have decided to use chance to get acquainted with you, to begin correspondence and to learn you. I the usual girl, as well as was a lot of others which at my age dream to get acquainted with the man and to create family. It seems to me, that you the man which is ready to get acquainted and create family. I think, that I have made a correct choice having written to you. I with impatience shall wait for your letters on mine email

Exhibit 100:

I shall tell much about myself here, more you learn from the letter. I Russian girl, never was behind the husband, but had as a burn in the attitudes . I nevertheless want to meet the man, as well as all of us, which my second half will be as and there will be necessary to me as well as I to him. I want to find love and happiness in this mad world and I I very much hopes that meeting the man my dream. This man should be kind, honour, generous and cheerful. I play sports, as I work. I very much like music and cheerful image of life. For me I do not see a type of the ideal attitude, as the ideal people does not meet. But nevertheless I want meet the man which can to interest me and which will be sure that I and he really we can do our life together and happily. Most important in the attitudes on my sight, is honesty, respect and trust to to each other, if all these qualities are in us, then it is possible to do the attitudes by idealer. I very much hope to meet my half soul and hearts - this the man should not be necessarily rich or especial, I search the man which can to accept me such. What I is also which can simply grow fond of me. I the romantic man and I very much want tenderness in the attitudes and caress. I think that I not much want from life and I very much hope to meet the man my dream.