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Profile descriptions used by scammers

Below are some profile descriptions used by scammers. We copied these descriptions from the profiles of scammers that we booted off our dating service. Some of the descriptions, if entered in Google, may return dozens, or even hundreds of results!! This shows that scammers use and re-use these "creations", but with different usernames and photos. If anybdoy with such profile contacts you on a dating service, it is most likely scam.

Exhibit 101:

I am intellectual, goods, with the big sense of humour, I like to go in for sports. I believe in true love and I hope to meet the man which the same thinks. Fidelity, support and honesty - not only words for me. I search for the man between 30-50 years which is attractive, intellectual, with good manners and intentions and moral values, FAIR and STEADY, whose words mean actions.



Profile descriptions used by scammers

Exhibit 102:

Hello all who has gone to look mine profile. I am very glad that you look through it, and I hope that we can get acquainted with you. My name - Olga I live in Russia in the city of Ioshkar Ola, we live together with my mum. I for a long time searched for the worthy person in our city, but I only suffered from them...... And then I started searches of the good person outside Russia. And I hope that at me all will turn out!!!!

Exhibit 103:

Greetings my lovely prince. If you at present read it you mean me have become interested and are on my profile. I the lonely girl which have not found to myself the guy at home and which has decided to try happiness on the Internet. I believe in that that at me all to turn out and I can meet second half. Write to me and can him there will be YOU!

Exhibit 104:

My name Lyubov. Literally from Russian my name means "Love". However, not looking on the name, I could not learn magic feeling of love. I am tired to wait, that someone will once find me. Now I have decided to start to search for the happiness itself. I understand, that it is very courageous, but I do not see other way to find the happiness. I think, that for the happiness it is necessary to struggle, because can come nothing simply so.

Exhibit 105:

Hello! My name is Irina. I live in Russia, in small but beautiful city under name Chebocsary. Basic my passion is a romanticism of the nature: a wood, the rivers, a dust of roads, boundless horizon, a rain, a wind, star Nights. I look at the world wide eyes and I see what it is. I ridiculous and serious, simple both complex... Impudent and gentle, ardent and reasonable... Constant and different... With me it is easy to find common language and understanding, the same I want to achieve from the interlocutor. Simply I want to love... Simply to be loved... Simply to give and receive tenderness and caress.... In fact it so is simple, if like:)

Exhibit 106:

I the young Russian woman which have two maximum formations, I like to go in for sports, I have an athletic constitution, light hair and grey eyes. Fair and decent. I search for the man for serious attitudes which is ready to the constant attitude and home life. About me you can learn many other things from letters to me.

Exhibit 107:

Nice and tender girl with pleasant character and lovely smile Searches for the clever, kind and pleasant man for serious of the relations

Exhibit 108:

i'am nice girl, and like other girl in my age, i whant to meet nice man, for famaly. i dreaming, what only about me and our childrens her will be carefull.

Exhibit 109:

It is very difficult for me to speak about itself, but I nevertheless shall try. I the harmonous woman in a dawn of forces which does not suffice man's attention and a strong shoulder on which I can lean a difficult minute for me. I the gentle and careful woman. I like to carry out a lot of time for kitchen, I adore when in my house cleanly and cosy. I have good sense of humour. Likely as well as many people I do not like when to me tell lies. Well and you can learn the everything else about me if write to me the letter. Mine..........

Exhibit 110:

I adore to listen to music. To like me almost all directions in music. I listen to what music sometimes depend on my mood.

Exhibit 111:

Me call Irina. To me of 25 years. I from Russia. I live in small city Kazan. I like to go in for sports, navigation, also I like to travel. I very much love children. And I very much would like them. I want to find the second half. Persons understanding me respecting and loving.I search ????? without cockroaches in a head..

Exhibit 112:

Hello. I the sociable and attractive girl, to you is not necessary to miss with me. At me soft and friendly character, I do not love quarrel. I love a nature, romanticism, beautiful music, and like to love:):):) I have decided to try to use the Internet for acquaintance and to look that from this to turn out. I have serious intentions to meet the love and to have happy family. I do not believe that it is possible to fall in love through the Internet, but I believe that it is possible to meet persons through the Internet, and then to fall in love with him. I am involved in the man first of all with his relation to the woman, love and care, also I appreciate honesty, fidelity, understanding in the person...

Exhibit 113:

Hi everyone, my name is Masha. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a very open and honest person also fun loving and outgoing. I'm romantic, kind, caring, kindhearted, with good sense of humor and funny to be around, but too naive sometimes as I still belive in things like the real love, real friendship and peace all over the world..he he. I really do belive in these things, I was brought up in this way. Also I am honest, loving family life person. I like to read, to cook, but I also like to have fun sometimes, to listen to my favourite music, to dance sometimes. I like children. Family is very important for me. I respect high moral values. I think it is enough for the basic description, if you find it interesting than contact me to know more. What I am looking for: hmmm...I would like to meet a person who can combine different features and keep them at balance. Like be at the same time homey and outgoing, shy and sociable, sometimes normal and sometimes crazy. Look isn't everything for me, it's what's inside that counts. Hmmm but I do think being healthy and fit is important!! There is much more exciting I can tell about myself. But I hope we will talk more about you and me when we establish a personal talk.

Exhibit 114:

A little I want to tell about myself By a trade the bookkeeper, I work as the expert in the staff in the state enterprise. I love music of different styles, pets, a nature to create a cosiness, to travel, I love also much I am able to make by the hands. I have no harmful habits, life in active and healty way, on character the optimist. I`m very easy-going, kind, reliable and frank, I despising lie and betraying. I want to create my family and meet a loving, caring man who will love me and whom I will love too.

Exhibit 115:

Hello! How are you? I since a birth the visionary, on this my life cheerful. I when do not despond even if I have vital problems. My coevals yet have not chosen a life. Me since the early childhood have accustomed to be independent in a life. As there are situations in which to have to think itself and to find an output from a developed situation. If you want to learn me better, I wait for your letters!

Exhibit 116:

Im not your average 26 year old. People tell me that I am energetic, stable, romantic, & I love trying new things. I'm in search of A supportive, protective man to take care of me. a nice, fun guy that will show me a wild time.

Exhibit 117:

I simple honesty girl from good family, like cooking,sport,gardening,good nature. I am tired fto be lonely and would like to find mysoulmate. I hope find the person who will not break my heart and will be honesty with me. I'm patient and kind girl. I hope that life will give me chance to meet really good person and present him happiness.

Exhibit 118:

Hello my name is Marina Smirnova! I am 27 years old. I live in Russia in city Astrakhan. I very cheerful, sociable girl. I am kind, passionate, honest, and reliable person. I like nature, animals, music. I enjoy going to movies, theatre, and exhibitions. I hope you will write and tell me about yourself if you have serious intentions. It everything that I can inform about myself so I can inform more if you will write me soon... I want to find such person who will understand me and which I can understand which will care of me and to support me difficult minutes. I want that he was intellectual, kind, generous, romantic, gentle... I search for the second half which would become my husband, the father of my children, and I would become him the wife.

Exhibit 119:

I sociable and cheerful, for close people tender and careful. I love sports, since small years I am engaged in navigation Also has achieved some results having received a rank of the candidate in the master of sports as I like to play volleyball, in time Studies played for combined team of university, some times per one week I visit a sports hall for maintenance of a figure. I very much I love children, animal (it is especial cat), classical music and rest on a nature. In free time from work it is pleasant to me To prepare for parents for various dishes and to bakee pies. After school I have finished university, and at present I work The cook - confectioner

Exhibit 120:

Ailing, entertaining a disgrace... Falling, and the fallen... Featureless, similarly to the hopes... In searches unnatural, and bright... In searches of sense, and in searches of death "... The Bird falling, flying on a meeting to the sun... The Angel, being vicious... I want, to find the ecstasy... It is a pity, that I cannot become more real, even - now! In fact it so a little! It is a pity, that nobody is capable to present wings, - to this romantic nature... Wings are broken, and thrown in a flame. The sky is filled, dark paints. I, sitting at a stone... A bird upon whom the boldness human has outraged, I wait for your hand... Mercy, in exchange on the heart let hardly breathing...

Exhibit 121:

I try to live a full life, to communicate with interesting people. Would prefer to remain the man completely keen on: strong and acute. The man which tries to be demonstrative and tolerant and in no event avaricious. What I? Romantic and gentle, wild and impulsive, naive and trustful... In general, different.

Exhibit 122:

I'm full of energy and vitality. I like to communicate with people, but I miss the only man in my life, who would appreciate me just as much. I would want to share my love with someone special for me, to give him care, tenderness, attention, and warmth. As for me I'm a strong person, but easily hurt at the same time. They say I'm kind, generous, easy-going and funny. I'm an endless romantic and optimist!

Exhibit 123:

I try to find my second part in the Internet I love an active way of life I love the nature, I appreciate honesty and sincerity in relations and I hope that there will be true men who will give me hope in love!!!!!!

Exhibit 124:

Hello! My name is Nadezhda! I the girl who is tired to be one and want to find such person For whom I could give all love and to open the soul. Where you my prince? I hope that it you! Please answer!!! Nadya.

Exhibit 125:

I cheerful and lives the joyful girl. I try to achieve all. My friends speak about me that I very reliable person. I to want to find second half. he should be kind and careful.

Exhibit 126:

I am blonde with blue eyes. I search for the reliable, clever, interesting person for creation of serious relations. I like to go in for sports, to travel, to sing and dance. I do not have children and I was never married, but I would like to have children. Write to me and I shall answer you.

Exhibit 127:

I'm a woman of love and passion. I believe that God has created a man and a woman to be together and bring love to each other! I'm a bit romantic and I know I will meet my prince somewhere in this world. I go in for sports and I'm fond of skiing. My friends say I’m very cheerful person, but when it comes to serious questions, I'm very attentive and responsible.

Exhibit 128:

The nice, young, sociable girl from the comfortable family. I like to read, I am fond of music, it is a little sports. I study at university at faculty of management and the right. I wish to create family with the financially secure person which can contain our future family, get children.

Exhibit 129:

I the beautiful young girl, I very kind fair and tender, I very much like to prepare, and still I very much like to go in for sports, I like to run in the mornings!

Exhibit 130:

Hello! My name is Olya, me of 25 years and I from Russia. have lots of interests. I like to be outside, go to gym, dance, I like to do aerobics, read, communicate with people and smile:)

Exhibit 131:

Hello the stranger. I shall be enough, if you will read through it. My name Nadejda. I live in Russia in city of Saratov. To me of 29 years. I wish to tell a little about myself. I shall tell to you more if you will become interested in me. I very loveful. Someone is necessary to me beside with me. I am tired to be lonely. But I am mad an optimist whatever happens, - never I shall begin to despond, I shall better think up, as all to correct.I like to read books. Go in for sports, basically aerobics. I keep up the health much. I love beauty and cleanliness. I love pets, it is especial cats. I work in a beauty salon. I like my work. I have got acquainted with many people, some my clients became my friends. I love the nature. I very much like Russian birches.

Exhibit 132:

Hello! My name is Elena. To me only 26, and can and already :-) I like extreme kinds of sports ... to look!!! And in general I the man of moods! I can have fun hours, and then run into depression. But I give people only pleasure, my problems let will stay mine. I like to read, especially Russian classics! My ideal of the man that mind and force in it were combined that was sensitive and tender that with it it was interesting to be floating on waves of a life! It can you? And you still do not write to me?

Exhibit 133:

Hello! My name is Elena. To me only 26, and can and already :-) I like extreme kinds of sports ... to look!!! And in general I the man of moods! I can have fun hours, and then run into depression. But I give people only pleasure, my problems let will stay mine. I like to read, especially Russian classics! My ideal of the man that mind and force in it were combined that was sensitive and tender that with it it was interesting to be floating on waves of a life! It can you? And you still do not write to me?

Exhibit 134:

About myself I creative, clever, sensitively kind woman. At me good sense of humour. I romantic and unpredictable, love embraces and touches. I do not smoke, but I love a good wine. I, love cinema to float, dance, travel, a nature to meet friends to be rolled on rollers and even to go shopping. The most important for me it to know and love the God and to enjoy life.

Exhibit 135:

It is rather firm to describe me the purpose. I have many friends, and I can tell, that I am a sociable person; I know how to speak and how to listen. My friends say that it is always interesting to speak with me, because of my kind attitude to other people and my common sense of humour. I like to meet new people, to study something new. I love good jokes, amusing people and interesting meetings. I look at this world, trying to notice the best features. I feel each person is similar to very sensitive person with deep soul, his own private world.

Exhibit 136:

I rather nice girl. I have brown eyes, and light hair. My growth of 168 centimeters. I like to carry sexual frank linen of a house. As I very strictly look at work. I like to vary. I can be strict, impudent as I can be very gentle and tender

Exhibit 137:

I am kind, beautiful, cheerful and sentimental girl. Thus I am benevolent, tactful and I possess excellent taste. I always achieve the planned purpose, persistent, but during too time modest, sociable. Was born in the city of Ulyanovsk, there has left school also institute after that it was employed. Till now I live in Ulyanovsk. At present the life I aspire - to love and be to achievement of the purpose loved. My personal qualities: sociability, friendly, persistence, diligence and goodwill. It is difficult for person to speak about itself, since everyone who with it was in any contact, has the point of view to an occasion of the device of his person.

Exhibit 138:

I young, clever, kind, purposeful, true, cheerful. I very active girl. As each girl respecting, I watch the figure. I very talkative girl. I think, that for me it is possible to find well friend. But I search not only the friend, and the person which becomes my husband. I search only serious attitudes. At me many various hobbies (sports, music, cinema.....). I think, that in life it is possible to reach all that will wish, if it is very strong to want.

Exhibit 139:

I believe, that very soon I meet you my the most gentle, sincere, noble . And we shall transform ours Life in our small Paradise which we shall protect quiveringly. Only it is necessary to trust in reunion of two parts of one heart and to not be afraid to search! I shall wait for you.

Exhibit 140:

My name is Anna. To me of 27 years, I live in nice city of Cheboksary. Whether I know many such conjugal announcements as mine.... But nevertheless someone is possible will want with me will get acquainted. On a horoscope I a fish. So my nature romantic and impressionable. I have finished university but while work on the speciality has not found. Now I work as the librarian. Work is pleasant to me, but it would be desirable from life little bit more. It would be desirable simple female happiness. He/she is loving husband, healthy children, and... To live in the safe country. It while all.

Exhibit 141:

Well I can tell about myself!!! I do not want to advertise myself and to be about myself of high opinion!!! I know that I never whom I shall not offend and to the favourite person I shall be very true!!! For whom I search! I search itself itself itself!!! The man of my dream!!!

Exhibit 142:

I like to communicate with the decent people. I always well treat the people and I try to find general language With everyone. I appreciate in the people honesty and decency. I cheerful and cheerful girl. I believe in The present love. I search my only thing for the man. I was necessary to find it and to devote to it myself. At me is not present Restrictions, on correspondence with it I shall understand about it all. The main thing that he would be fair and The decent person.

Exhibit 143:

Ask my. My e-mail: sveetlana(at)bk(dot)ru Attractive, intelligent, generous and warm hearted woman going to waste. Looking for someone to match my spontaneity, creativity and spirit of adventure. I love the good things in life, good food, good wine, good people and good places and work hard to create and enjoy nice things. I am honest, sensitive and down to earth and have an optimistic outlook on life. I have travelled widely and love going to new places and having new experiences. I am fun loving and funny and often make people laugh and see the funny side of most situations. My ideal man would have most of these qualities as well as being wise and kind. If you are out there I’d love to hear from you.

Exhibit 144:

I'm down to earth, spiritual, concerned about others and the world, and looking to meet someone to share my life with. I am definitely a set of contradictions, but that's what makes me special. I consider laughing to be one of the most important things in the world. I can even laugh at myself and all of the crazy/unexpected things that happen in life. I like learning about people from different backgrounds . Walking, hiking, and traveling are some of my favorite things to do . I spend a lot of time with friends and family. But nevertheless could not find the person with which it is ready to lead all life. This person I hope to find on this site.

Exhibit 145:

Hello my friend!!! My name is Marina Smirnova!!! I the lonely girl from Russia. I have decided search myself of the partner in the life through the Internet. I liked your structure and I want to get acquainted with you! I think you will become interested in me. Please write to me on my email:

Exhibit 146:

My new friend! Excuse me that I distract you. I would like to get acquainted with you. I hope, that you not against, and You will answer my letter. At once want to tell that I search serious relations. If I have interested you write to me on my electronic or sup555er (at) gmail (dot) com I shall answer all questions interesting for you. Also may we shall make friends with you. Yours faithfully to you Marina

Exhibit 147:

Hi, my Stranger!The lonely girl by name Alisa which searches for love in this huge world, writes to you. To me 22 years, on an attribute on the zodiac calf. I very silent, kind, romantic girl loving children, an animal, the nature, the pedestrian go on the river-life. But my life will not be high-quality while will not be close to me, that the unique person who will love me to help and care,to do my life it is better, giving me tenderness and tenderness to what I can give all love. We live three together: I, my mum and younger the little sister. The daddy from mum has divorced very much during long time when I still studied in the fifth class. I of it did not see already approximately 10 years. My mum works as the teacher at school, and younger small employment sisters in 7 classes. My work is connected, certainly with children, I the teacher in a kindergarten. Work is very pleasant to me, all the day long I spend with children! Very much hope, that I shall find you very soon. Answer more probably on my letter, my long-awaited Stranger.You can find dialogue with me on Yours expectation Alisa

Exhibit 148:

Hello my friend. Are you lonely? I think that you do, cause you want to find someone here. And I think thatmay be I am that someone who you want to find? I want to tell you a little about me, my name is Marina, I am from Russia and I am 27 years old. So I think that if you answer me may be we can to try create some relations? I hope that we can. And if you want to know more about me, so please write me on my e-mail, here is: baska78@inbox.ruAnd please don't write me on my inbox here in this site, ok? Cause I think that it will be more better in the future if we will write to each other on e-mail. So Iwill wait your answer and please forgive me about my bad english.

Exhibit 149:

I the widow, the lonely woman who wants to get acquainted with the man which is ready to become father of my son. I want to find to myself good, worthy the man which loved and cared of me. I search for love more likely or on extreme to a measure the man with whom I shall carry out the rest of the life.

Exhibit 150:

What to tell about itself? I the lonely girl, like to listen to music and to go in for sports. I think more of my appearance my photo will tell. I am romantic, very much I love a nature, I love healthy food, but sometimes like to indulge myself sweet. I shall tell to that who to me more to like.

Exhibit 151:

I want to find ideal the man which would care of me, loved me, respected. We shall create family which in the world would be unique. In this family will reign love, happiness, well-being. I wait for you my unique and unique.

Exhibit 152:

I am intelligent,spontaneous, kind, with a good sense of humor, warm-hearted,understanding, sportive,family-oriented girl. I believe in true love and hope to meet a man, who also thinks the same. Faithfulness, support and honesty are not just words for me.

Exhibit 153:

I am the cheerful girl, in life I am the realist, I very much love life. Are you interesting? we can learn about each other much more in correspondence.Interesting!!!!!Write to me!!!! I want to find a good man with kind heart.brave and clever.witch can help me in different situatiations of my life.he must understand me!!!!!!!!!!

Exhibit 154:

Congratulations my new friend!!!! I saw your structure. And I loved your description on your structure. I live in Russia in not big city Volzhsk. In this city there are many beautiful places where it is possible to have rest. I shall tell to you about me: I in a life the cheerful person with sense of humour, the good blonde. My growth of 173 sm, weight of 59 kg. For these 30 years I could not find second half with whom I could divide other life. What to create happy and safe family. I work in a kindergarten as the instructor. And almost I spend I all time with children. With this letter I shall send you a photo. We could closer acquaint and study each other better. But on it it is necessary during a lot of time. On it I shall be closed, and I shall wait from you for the answer. With the following letter I shall send you still photos. I wish all of you the most good. Sincerely yours to you the new friend from Russia Svetlana!!! Mine E-mail:

Exhibit 155:

My name is Katya, I am kind, sympathetic girl. I hate lie and treachery. My character is very loyal! If I see, that the person with me is not frank, I turn away from him, and I do not open to it the soul. But if it with me is frank, I when I shall not leave it, and I shall be with it tender and kind. I want will find the man which to love me, to appreciate and respect. Which will not deceive me.

Exhibit 156:

I what usual girl very much. I search not for prince and not riches. Try to find the simple present the man. And to find with him happiness. To create good family and to give birth from him to children. And to live in peace. Probably it you mine the man!!! Then write!!! I would would like that my future the man was gentle and kind. I hope that he can understand me correctly and will love me as well as I shall love him. Sugar.irka at g_m_a_i_l dot com

Exhibit 157:

I am kind, lovely, nice girl. In free time I go for a walk with my friends, I am engaged in an aerobic. I live with my parents. I love pets. I dream to find man in the Internet which will love me and please. He should be lovely, nice, fond of me. The age is not very important for me. I want to find my second part!

Exhibit 158:

Hi, my name is Tatiana.I live in Russia. I want to get acquainted with kind, gentle and attentive man. For me age is not the main thing. The main thing is that there is love and mutual trust! I agree to answer all questions that interest you.

Exhibit 159:

Hi! My name is Katya. I am 28. I am a jolly, energetic, buoyant, peaceable young woman. In my free time I am fond of photography, cooking, I love reading and writing poems. By my nature I am a romantic person, I like to listen to classic music. I keep a healthy manner of life.

Exhibit 160:

I shall not tell much about myself here, more you learn from the letter. I the Russian girl, never was for the husband, but had as a burn in relations with the man two times. I nevertheless want to meet the person, as well as all of us which will be as my second half and will be necessary for me as well as I to him. I want to find love and happiness in this mad world and I very much hope that I meet the man of my dream.

Exhibit 161:

I the lonely Russian girl, pleasant appearance. About you may judge on my photos. I very much want to find persons which will become interested in me as the woman. It is impossible to describe itself in a few words, it is very difficult. I believe that my soul and heart will belong to the person with whom it will be pleasant to communicate and which can wake my sleeping lonely heart! I believe and I hope, that a meeting of the person with which I shall be happy!

Exhibit 162:

I search for the man in which I would be sure also which to me would help to pass difficulties of life. Such, who could not get tired buy for me flowers each day! And to carry me on hands always! I like self-assured and strong men. But main for me a thing, this heart of love, interest to me and gentle relation. My friends speak, that I good and true The girlfriend, but still big child. I think, That I very cheerful girl. I love humour and laughter. Also I respect men who do not hang up a head and always Smile even in difficult vital situations.

Exhibit 163:

Greetings! My name is Mashulya! I know, that on the Internet it is a lot of deceit. I want to deny it. I shall not praise highly and speak me, something good about me! If my structure and a photo write to me the letter is interesting to you. I think, that you can learn about me all in correspondence. I do not see sense to describe me here. I not proud and not vain. I want, that you learned all independently. Ask to me any questions. I with pleasure shall answer you! Interested I ask to write to me on this site! I shall wait! A kiss!

Exhibit 164:

My name is Natasha. I live in small city, which name Zvenigovo . I love walks at the moon. I very much like swimming. I well prepare for food and very much I like it to do. I very much love children. It is very interesting to observe as they grow also each day make new opening. I think, that my life is boring also I very much would want to find the man which would love me, respected, and with which I might ??????? even a few adventures. In Russia I have not found such person. To me and life I flies by 27 years past, and I do not have neither the loved person, nor children. And I very much would want it. Therefore I ask. Respond my love!!!!!!! I wait for you!!!!!

Exhibit 165:

Hello stranger. I liked your profile and I want to get acquainted with you. It is a little about me. My name is Ekaterina. To me 27 years. I live one, in the Cheboksary city. It in the Russian Federation. At me it is a lot of hobbies. I love some kinds of sports, especial swimming. I also am engaged in dances, very much I love music. Sometimes I read books. Basically it is novels about love. I wait for the unique person for a long happy life. If you have become interested, please write me by email I with impatience wait for the answer from you. Eketerina

Exhibit 166:

I am a beautiful, clever, modest, Russian girl. I want long-term and serious attitudes. I like to communicate with interesting people, with me it will not be boring! I am tired from loneliness, where you - my unique and understanding the man? If you understand me - write the letter and I shall necessarily answer you! You should be first of all understanding! I want that you became my only thing the man for which I have been given birth! If you also with sense of humor, I think we shall quickly find with you common language :)

Exhibit 167:

Attractive, cheerful but little bit timid girl. I love animals I have a cat in the house. I like to go to clubs, in cinemas I like to read. I love music as it closely is connected with mine work. At me very quiet character I am able to listen to problems of other people and to give them advice I help friends a difficult minute. At me the big circle of dialogue I can easily communicate with people, I pass all difficulties in a life very easily. For me it is necessary the man with strong character, clever, tender, careful. It is necessary that it is skilful to look after me and loved me. It should be the main thing in family.if he has children that it well because it will be with experience at dialogue with children if there is no that we shall have own. It should be sociable and kind and respect me. For me it will be necessary the man which is ready to marry and love on me me.

Exhibit 168:

My name is Natalia to me of 25 years I the young beautiful girl, like to go to theatre, cinema, museums. I search to myself good, sociable for the man.

Exhibit 169:

hi dear the friend!!! I would like to inform you more about me. I am very joyful person and I like to try something new so I have various interests. I like to listen music, various kinds, from classical up to popular and music of a rock. If I you to interest that write to me please on email I very much want to find the love. I do not love a deceit and lie. I shall wait from you for the letter. Anastasia

Exhibit 170:

I like to have a rest on a nature with mum. To me very much like romantic songs under a guitar. I very much love melodramas, comedies. I prefer classic literature.

Exhibit 171:

I the beautiful, sociable girl. I like to go in for sports, have a rest on the nature. I want to meet men the dream for a marriage which will care and it is good to concern.

Exhibit 172:

My name is Zhanna. To me 24 years work as the barman in cafe. I adore animal especially cats, I like to prepare for different dishes, Also I adore to walk when there is a spring rain when you go also droplets of water will penetrate to you into clothes And you feel heat of a spring rain. I love walks for city on the nature especially in village Where the nature pured not touched with a civilization. In the childhood at school seriously was engaged in gymnastics Even borrowed prize-winning places at different competitions. Also I like to go on exhibitions of different artists I dream To visit the Louvre what will take pleasure in all beauty of pictures of oustanding artists. At heart I very devoted kind soft Sociable. Very seriously I concern to love to a marriage and children.

Exhibit 173:

My name is Zhanna. To me 24 years work as the barman in cafe. I adore animal especially cats, I like to prepare for different dishes, Also I adore to walk when there is a spring rain when you go also droplets of water will penetrate to you into clothes And you feel heat of a spring rain. I love walks for city on the nature especially in village Where the nature pured not touched with a civilization. In the childhood at school seriously was engaged in gymnastics Even borrowed prize-winning places at different competitions. Also I like to go on exhibitions of different artists I dream To visit the Louvre what will take pleasure in all beauty of pictures of oustanding artists. At heart I very devoted kind soft Sociable. Very seriously I concern to love to a marriage and children.

Exhibit 174:

I love the music of the different styles, home animal, nature, love the merry companies, adore to travel, Purposeful, capable to bring all before the end their own hand. I have not a bad habit, my life pervaded bright paint, but much comes short second half, hope to find it... Search for the persisting man, he must be strong manly, tender and gentile that we become with him one integer, if this about you... wait from you letter ;-))

Exhibit 175:

I'm a simple girl, I think so. But there are not simple people, In every people there is something intersting. I hope that you will find in me something too. More about me you can see at my profile. Or ask me. And I will answer you.

Exhibit 176:

I lonely girl and I search man for serious relationship. I tried to find love from Russia but I cannot to find men because they fond of alchogol and drugs. I want to find man who will love and trust me. More about me I tell you in my letter if you'll answer me.

Exhibit 177:

My name is Elena to me of 33 years. I the sociable and attractive girl. I very much like children. I work as the photographer. As I love pets. I the kind, understanding and fair girl. Ivery like truth.

Exhibit 178:

The nice, young, sociable girl. I like To read, I am fond of music and dances. I adore the nature I wish to find the best half, my prince on a white horse. I search for the best half, for creation of strong attitudes probably marriage which completely will estimate me. I dream that it was Interesting and sociable, without harmful habits the man to which I Could trust and which has understood me such little bit exacting in attitudes.

Exhibit 179:

My name Is Irina I from the great and mighty country Russia, but during too time from the country in which officials do not respect people and in which everyone decide money and lie. I do not love Russia for it, but I love her for its rich and beautiful wood, for the fine rivers and lakes, for a severe climate which prepares for us for complex vital tests. I the young girl full of forces and desires to have strong and strong family and for me will be not important from what country my husband, but I have one desire to be that unique and favourite for him and I promise that the heart and love I shall give him as. I am ready to become your wife if you will feel what exactly I your girl and you are ready to connect the life with mine. If you search the love and yet have not found, answer my appeal and I promise, that you will not regret about our acquaintance!

Exhibit 180:

Everybody HELLO!!! My name is Elena. To me of 27 years. I live in Russia, I very attractive woman, would be desirable to find the man worthy, courageous which could bring up children. For me family this sacred, and accordingly my future husband should be kind friendly. I love sports, therefore I work as the trainer on volleyball. About much other we can communicate in letters. I WAIT for letters

Exhibit 181:

I look at a life with a smile and I think, that I can learn this the person who will want to be near to me. My friends consider, that I cheerful and carefree. But it only seems to them. Actually I careful and attentive. I can sometimes be serious and even a little angry. But not frequently. I very much believe in human happiness.

Exhibit 182:

My name is Love. My name symbolizes that inexplicable and mysterious feeling which connects all people on light. Who searches for love - that finds, who does not search for it - that loses. So at us speak in Russia. I about these completely agree. I want it to find again. I want to find love though at edge of light. I do not want to be not loved. I want to love and be loved. I search for the simple kind, sympathetic and understanding person whom I can accept me such what is. I am the simple Russian girl. But I think, someone can appreciate me and can find in me that is not present in anybody the other person.

Exhibit 183:

I the young nice woman with good sense of humour. At me good character. I was brought up by the good people, for what to them is now grateful. My interests are very various. I always want to find out that new. In life me attracts, all that is connected to pleasure for soul. Today I can do one, that will give me good mood, And tomorrow another. In it that such forces to look at life with the large interest. I shall tell more in the letter. I am rather seriously interested in search of my companion of life. Who will do happy me and whom I can bring happiness. For me is not important the external party of the man, for me important what at him heart. I search for the man with good heart and soul. With whom I shall be very happy. I know there is such the man and I know that we shall find each other.

Exhibit 184:

I the cheerful cheerful girl!!! I like to walk, spend well time in the good company, very strongly I love caress and understanding!!! Mine E-mail: I the cheerful cheerful girl!!! I like to walk, spend well time in the good company, very strongly I love caress and understanding!!! Mine E-mail:

Exhibit 185:

I enjoy horror movies and books especially Stephen King. Love tenpin bowling, playing darts, watching ice hockey, swimming, and attempting to line dance! Out and about dancing, being wined and dined socialising with friends.

Exhibit 186:

The harmonous, attractive young girl wants to get acquainted with the good person for serious attitudes. I love walks on the nature, dances, to read books, I love all! Including pets! I love fun, but it is more gravity!

Exhibit 187:

I search for the man of the dream and I hope that I shall find him here. I do not know what he there will be a main thing that I shall love him!!!!! My dear if you see me write to me I shall be very glad and as soon as possible I shall answer you!!!!! I for the first time on the Internet and me very much not dexterously, but not looking at it I hope that I shall find the man of the dream!!!!!! And I shall tell about myself at correspondence!!!!!

Exhibit 188:

I very good. I love children and very much want to find the second half

Exhibit 189:

Dear MEN! I to all very well concern to you, but to like it would be desirable one... I Congratulate all on the come spring! I wish love, love and once again love! A little bit about itself.. Adequate, sociable, cheerful, easy on rise, character soft, not harmful, forgiving, is $more often in good mood, than in bad. With sense ry rareof humour the order and with other feelings too... I shall not disappoint... Also that the most important all this the naked truth! All will see and will understand at a meeting if she certainly will take place, and it depends both on you and from me, it is necessary to try...

Exhibit 190:

I am very communicative and cheerful girl. I am handsome and attractive. My beauty can be seen anybody who can value it. I am reliable and responsible. I have a good sense of humor. I have a smile on my face always. All events in my life I consider very positive. I believe in good and frankness. I hope that this trait can be seen soon. I like many interests. Let me write about a few my interests. I like music and theatre. I like theatrical performances. But I like the different shows. I like rest on the beaches. Especially, I like walk on the nature. I like admire with all beautiful. I want to visit many nice places. I want to visit the islands. I like cruise. I have a dream to visit the ancient sites, cruising through islands.

Exhibit 191:

I the young sexual romantic woman. I very much like to travel, get acquainted with new people. I want to get acquainted with clever and kind the man to connect our destinies. I hope to find the real, pure love.

Exhibit 192:

Greetings! My name is Oksana. To me 32 year. I work as the teacher of Russian at school. I teach this subject to small children. I was never married and I have no children. I do not know why, but my private life till now has not developed. Therefore I have decided to look for second half on the Internet. Can be to me it will be possible to find that person with whom I could live all life. Or simply to find the good person for the further dialogue with him. I would like to create family and to give birth to children, to the one who really will grow fond of me. I never smoked and I do not smoke, and I do not want to begin. I use alcohol only on holidays. And if it is very serious holiday. To whom to like my structure write. I search reliable for the man for creation of serious or friendly relations.

Exhibit 193:

I the lovely, kind, gentle girl with excellent sense of humour. I want to find lovely, careful, tender, and the most important able to love the man for creation of warm family attitudes.

Exhibit 194:

I love a life, I love children, I want to get acquainted with loving, devoted, fair the man with the purpose of creation of family. I would like to meet the present love and the best friend, related soul and second half, the person which will divide my interests. I want to devote the life to to make it the man very happy, is ready to give it everything, that the woman can give, the wife, the best friend. I dream of the strong, harmonious marriage based on love, trust, respect, spiritual affinity and mutual understanding.

Exhibit 195:

Beautiful lady from the great country of Russia. It is very sociable and attractive, brought up well and accustomed to good manners. I very much like dialogue and very romantic soul. Very much I love verses and I dream to receive them from the the man. The most important quality in myself I think it honesty. I am very trustful and affectionate. I think that everyone will understand me.

Exhibit 196:

I want to tell you some words about myself, I am the beautiful lonely Russian woman, with huge Russian soul. I wish to find the sole and unique man which will force me to believe in miracles and will make me happy and my life perfect and unforgettable. I do for you the stranger all about what you can only dream. I simply want to live happily and long with my man.

Exhibit 197:

I am a very nice and generous person; I love human being in general without distinction of race, culture and religion. I want to meet my soul mate.I haven't found him in Russia, that's why I try foreign countries. I want to find the serious man?

Exhibit 198:

I am kind, sociable woman with a good sense of humour. People say I am very sexy. I always keep my beauty and like sport very much. I am a very romantic person and love romanticism in relationships. The most important thing for me in men is his soul. I know English very well and freely can speak in it. I am looking for man who will love and respect me. For me the most important things in man is his respect and fair in me. I consider myself that man must be kind and must love children. I am looking for prince who will make me a princes with his attention and love.

Exhibit 199:

I am kind, sociable woman with a good sense of humour. People say I am very sexy. I always keep my beauty and like sport very much. I am a very romantic person and love romanticism in relationships. The most important thing for me in men is his soul. I know English very well and freely can speak in it. I am looking for man who will love and respect me. For me the most important things in man is his respect and fair in me. I consider myself that man must be kind and must love children. I am looking for prince who will make me a princes with his attention and love.

Exhibit 200:

Ok, what can I tell about myself. I am 25 years old. I am a single. Else I want to say that I am a very good looking woman, I think. I am optimist and I think it is much easy to be an optimist in our life and I think I have a good sence of humour. All my friends think so... I think it will be enough at the first time and now you can imagine who I am...