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Scam on top of the scam

One scambaiting friend of mine received the following e-mail:

Hello, me call Alina.

I present interests of club of lady of Volga - Vyatka region. I and yet how many lady living in various cities of Volgas - Vyatka of region of Russia. Have created a database of lady which are interested to find the happiness and to meet the man of the dream abroad.

We it is sure, that you collided with problem Scammer. To you sent messages of lady from Russia and Ukraine, but basically all of them were Scammer. And all of them under different pretexts asked from foreign men only money. In replacements of the man should that. The present ladies which agree to create family abroad very little, believe us. Many of foreigners trust beautiful and love messages of lady and become victims of a deceit. It is a reality, and with it to have to agree!
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Scam on top of the scam

Certainly is AntiScammer! But we shall consider such situation. We shall assume lady, we shall notice at once present, communicates with the foreigner. The girl after some dialogue understands, that it not her man. Also tries to interrupt correspondence, and he sends her messages and a photo in AntiScammer. And how to trust and trust after that to foreign men! But the girl meets the man of the dream and she is happy. But once in fine day the man having found out a photo of the girl in AntiScammer does not trust her. And as think to act in such situation. Many of us and girl have passed ours through it. It also is one of the reasons why we have created a database of the present ladies. Yes there are girls capable to begin serious relations and to create in a consequence happy family abroad. And to such girls we try the help and we put weight of efforts. You see someone should help girls, why not we.

We have created base given and constantly try to fill up it. We search through our information sources of lady which agree to leave in marriage abroad. Our primary goal the help both to our girls and citizens of the foreign states to create strong family and to be happy. Subsequently we also render services in delivery of colors or gifts to the girl with whom our client corresponds. If the man likes one of offered girls (though such was not) we send questionnaires of new nominees. Naturally girls which keep in touch with men leave a database, in order to prevent various misunderstanding. We guarantee to our clients authenticity of the girl. And having taken advantage once our service, the man is entitled to use our services constantly.


Unfortunately while our services paid. It is necessary for us to pay expenses on search present girls. To be engaged in delivery various a gift and to arrange departure of the girl abroad. We ask 200 $. Probably to you will seem, that we ask the big money, but it not so. If you will meet Scammer, will understand, that we appeared are right. All over again you should send the questionnaire (it is desirable from photos) in our address and you are interested in what girl (growth, color of hair and eyes, weight and other parameters interesting for you and character traits). And we shall try to pick up girls which approach your criteria. Then we inform you concerning result of search. At once we warn!!! Not always search, appears successful. But in any case we inform you concerning result of search. Search occurs during couple of days.

In our database while only girls living in territory of Volga - Vyatka region. But further we plan to search and in other regions of Russia (the north and the south). If you agree, send the questionnaire and a photo on our electronic address and the information of whom you wish to meet. If we are sure, that have found to you suitable candidacies that we send to you the further information. We also inform on unsuccessful search.

We wish you successful search and happy home life!!!

P.S. We shall reply interesting to you!

Not only this message originated from Mari El and was sent with The Bat!, but actually the e-mail address of this "Alina":, belongs to a well-known scammer Irina.

I absolutely love how they say "SCAMMER THE BIG AND POWERFUL ORGANIZATION". So, they admit they are "organization"! Not sure about "powerful", but "big" - definately!

The message was an obvious scam, but my scambaiting friend decided to go till the end and pretended he was interested. He asked them how could he pay and what forms of payment did they accept, and... guess what?? Sure, they accepted only Western Union! This is the lovely reply he got:

Mr. xxxx.

We are glad, that you were interested with our project. With the New Year which has stepped you!!! We bring the apologies for a delay. We hope for your understanding.

We understand your problem and we shall try to you the help. We send you a photo. All other data (the phone if it is present, a home address and the electronic address) after you accept our conditions. But if you accept our conditions and agree to ours cooperation we ask you to describe your search more in detail. Whom exactly you wish to find. To make the small questionnaire on your girl of dream. It enables us to be defined what biographical particulars to you to send. Are beforehand grateful.

As you have noticed our services paid. Our services cost 200 American dollar. While we accept only payments I use the Western Union. But we try to open the bank account. Money is necessary for sending for a name: ALINA YUSUPZYANOVA, using as we have already told the Western Union.

And still you! At our cooperation you are obliged: to inform with which of submitted to you in the future girls you conduct correspondence. It is necessary for elimination of misunderstanding as of you and on the part of the girl.

Club of lady of Volga - Vyatka region.

The final end of this story: couple days later, "Alina Yusupzyanova", the one that was supposed to receive $200 by Western Union, registered on our dating service. Obviously she didn't suspect that the guy whom she offered "her services" was actually my buddy!

Bottom line: if you ever receive a message similar to the one above, beware! The names may be different, the e-mail address may be different, but scam is the same. No legit Russian business will accept payment Western Union only.

Here is another example of the same scam:

We are the detective agency distributed worldwide. We know, that you are a member of one of internet dating Site. We also want to warn you about plural the fraud, occuring in the internet. Therefore we We want to warn you of them. Also we know, That you have correspondence with some womens, Who is quite probable can be the swindler. That To stop this kind of a criminal case we offer you The list of services for a determined price:
We can to get the real full address and a full name of the person - only 45 euros.
We can to get real amount e-mails persons - 90 euros.
We can to get the password of email, persons in which you are interested - 345 euros.
Also there are a lot of other services, you can to offer to us.

Very confidentially. We hope for your offers.
Our email :

Mari El comes up with new scams every day. Here is a recent one, for example:

Hi My Friend. I am sorry for anxiety. My name is Olga I want to tell at once, that I do not search what relations. I search for the person who can help me. At me a trouble. I have small daughter Her name Aleksandra. She is hardly sick, and operation requires in urgent. Operation costs very expensive. These are very big money, and I know, that who cannot pay the full sum independently. Therefore, we collect money in parts. We are ready to accept any financial help. Some people have already helped us, and we are very grateful to them. I already was many times convinced, that the world not without kind people. But unfortunately, we still do not have money. If you can help me, or know people which can help, Please contact us. It is ours e-mail. ( I hope, that you will not stay is indifferent.

And another recent one. They even have their own website:

This is the message I got to one of my "scamtrap" Yahoo e-mails, the one that ONLY scammers know:

Service of delivering floral and gift orders

Russian Scam (also known as Dating Scam) is a widespread criminal scheme many people have suffered from. You meet someone over the Internet and this someone claims to be a beautiful Russian woman (or Ukrainian, Belarussian etc etc). You correspond with this person (often it's a man, not a woman actually) and one day (sometimes in few days, sometimes in few months) you are asked to send money to her to buy a visa and airplane tickets to come to visit you, to help her poor mother "who is ill and at hospital" etc etc etc. Needless to say, once you send money this person disappears (alternatively you may be asked for more money transfers).

It is not our purpose to provide you with detailed anti-scam manual, - there are plenty of web-sites dedicated to this type of scam. The real goal is to provide you with a quickly updated database of names, email addresses and street addresses the scammers use. As a flower delivery service we are usually the first to know about new aliases used by scam people. ALL addresses and names used here come from the database of our attempted deliveries, if you see some name here then we had an order to this person /to this address/ and the address turned out to be bogus when our florist attempted to deliver the flowers.

If you meet someone on the Internet and have never seen this person in the reality, please check this list prior to placing your order. We reserve the right not to issue any refund if your order could not be fulfilled due to a fake address. If you do not see this person in the list but still have some doubts, you are welcome to place your order with us, it's a good way to find if this person is real. But keeping in mind our non-refund policy you may wish to send some inexpensive bouquet with your first order.

We do not list the photos of scammers. We reserve the right not to respond to requests for details on each specific delivery. We do not provide information on the senders as we respect customers' privacy. We do not add additional information to this database upon your request. We fulfill requests for further investigation. If you have any questions or believe some name appeared here by mistake, please contact us at You may wish to view the whole list but we suggest using the search tool instead. Make your search query short, for instance when looking for "Olya Kirpichnikov", use "Kirpich" or "Kirpichnikova" as your query, not the full name as there may be variations.