Signs you may be dealing with a Russian scammer

Russian dating scams: Tips

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Are you talking to a Russian scammer?

Suspect you may be dealing with a Russian scammer? Here are some tips for you. Not all signs on this list are equally alerting and not all of them necessarily mean scam, but if she fits the pattern, it is most likely scam!

They might be a scammer if...

- They contacted you first on a dating service, especially if you generally don't get much response to your profile

- They contacted you out of the blue on your email address

- Their profile starts with words "I the xxxx" (cheerful girl, sociable person, etc...)

- They say "To me of xx years" or "Me of xx years"



They might be a scammer if...

- They contacted you first, in spite of the fact that there is a 15+ age difference, or you don't even have a picture on your profile

- Their profile says they are from Kazan, Cheboksary, Kirov or Yoshkar Ola - Their usernames often contain 4ka: "Svetlano4ka", Irino4ka", etc..

- Their profile states that a man's age, race or income doesn't matter to them

- Their e-mail handles often contain bad Russian words: "poebushka", "zaebok", "syka", "klitr", etc.. Don't have a clue what it means?? Good for you!

- Their profile description often sounds more like an introductory message to somebody, for example saying that they "looked at your profile", and in their introductory message they just repeat their profile description

- They've just registered, and their profile already has 10 times more views than other girls who registered on the same day (means they are mass-mailing)

- Their profile says they are from the United States, UK or any other country, while in their letter they say they are from Russia

- When you enter a quote from their profile description in Google it returns dozens (or hundreds) of matching results

- Their IP address can be traced to Volgatelecom Mari El branch, Nata-info, Fokus-satcom or

- They use The Bat! to send e-mails

- All their letters are translated through the online translator with few misspelled Russian words left untranslated, often those Russian words are in male gender

- They call your profile "structure"

- They say they found your "structure" in a marriage agency, while you are actually on a general dating service

- They contact you out of the blue on your private e-mail address and you have no idea where the hell did they get your e-mail addy from

- They often start their message to you with words "Hello stranger" or "Hello lonely soul"

- They often say you are "lonely" instead of saying "single"

- They almost never return and read their mail on the dating services, therefore they always ask you to contact them on their private e-mail address

- After they mass-mail men (including you) they often get booted off the dating services, so their profile may disappear right after they contacted you. Scammers almost never delete their profiles themselves, in spite of what they might tell you, only get kicked out

- They are often paid (or golden) members on the expensive paid dating services

- They try to sneak their e-mail address into profile and put it onto their photos

- They don't answer your questions and seem not to read your letters

- If they changed your name in the greeting, their letters could be actually sent to any man

- They talk about Russian men being alcoholics and not knowing how to treat women

- They don't respond to conversation and their letters are monologs about themselves and their everyday life

- Their letters are usually quite monotonous, boring and don't make much sense, until it comes to money subject. Then, even their English seems to improve!

- Their English is not consistent: one letter may be written in excellent English, another again with online translator

- They tend to repeat words, for example "I wanted to tell to you that that, if we can to meet?"

- They use "At me" a lot, for example: "At me it hurts"

- They often finish their letters with "I shall wait with impatience your letter" (or reply)

- They proclaim you love in the first week or two

- They call you "my dear xxx", "my love xxx", "my angel xxx" (xxx - your name) almost from the very beginning

- They keep talking about their feelings and how much they want to be with you half of the letter

- They almost never ask you questions about your lifestyle, your job, your kids, your interests, your income

- At the same time, they always want to know your home address, phone number and ask to send them a lot of your photos

- They never show up on a webcam

- They may send you the same letter twice

- They may mistakenly send you a letter addressed to somebody else

- They will send you photos in almost every letter

- They often change e-mail address during correspondence, because their providers sometimes close their mailboxes for scam and spam

- They may vanish for a month or so, then re-appear like as if nothing

- They will give your e-mail address to other scammers and you will start getting e-mails from other Russian "girls"

- They are often filthy, don't mind talking dirty and sending naked or half-naked photos

- They say they are writing from the Internet cafes

- Their Internet costs are always very high

- Their income is always very low and they keep talking about it

- They may ask you to send them money to pay for their Internet or phone, or even for their clothes

- They may ask you to send them money to pay for the medical bills of their relatives who suddenly got sick, got in a car accident, etc..

- If you tell them that you don't send money to anybody and are aware of Russian scams, they will assure you they are not a scammer and will keep writing

- Most of their letters, including letters from their "travel agencies", if you enter a snippet from it in Google, can be found on scam lists

- They may call you on the phone, but the sound is always very bad, voice distorted and if you have a caller ID, there is always some bogus number showing up, like 602-222-0000

- Yet they never have a phone themselves

- They prefer to call you on the cell phone, probably because such calls are harder to trace

- They will give you some mailing address, but if you try to check it out by sending flowers or registered letter, the address will turn out phony

- If you ask them to send their photo holding a sign, unless the photos belong to some Russian model or celebrity, after some hesitation (and probably extra fee to the girl) they will send you one

- They may do IM with you, but prefer e-mails

- They always want to come visit you. If you suggest you visit them first, they will find thousand good reasons why is it a bad idea and will keep insisting on them visiting you first like the pushy telemarketers

- If you manage to insist on visiting them first, the meeting place will be changed from their home city to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg

- They will ask you to send them money for passport, ticket and visa, often you may be contacted by a phony travel agency, which will send you invoice for Miss.XXX travel

- They also talk about "free money" which they will have to show in the embassy for each day of their stay with you, or on the plane (total bull!)

- They will send you their scanned documents, most often their "passport" and "visa"

- They may tell you the story about their friend and her "groom" who can do a balance transfer on your credit card, so you can later send this money to them via Western Union

- In this case, they will keep asking what is your credit card limit

- They don't like MoneyGram, prefer Western Union

- They usually pick up money at the same time, probably during the shift of their accomplices at Western Union

- If you send them some money, they will try to get more money from you

- Once they cannot get any more money from you, they will stop writing

- If you call them scammer, they will tell you that you are a "stupid man", that you "broke their heart" and stop writing